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"Awesome company!!! Highly recommended!!!

The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with!!  "

--Sami M.

"These folks were a huge help during a difficult move. Trustworthy and hardworking team. Definitely recommend them!"

--Steve N.

"The BEST estate sale business around, hands down!! Very knowledgeable, professional and hardworking ladies!! When you hire them, You are getting the whole package!! I've even attended one of their sales and the customers just love these gals! The prices are more than fair and they are genuine!! You would be foolish not to hire this company!!"

--Ken B.

"Kayleen was very professional & very knowledgeable about her job. She works very hard to do the best job for you. She’s very efficient in what she does. I was very, very happy with Kayleen and I would recommend her to anyone considering an estate sale. You won’t be sorry, I promise!"

--Deb P.

"We hired these gals and are so grateful for their help. They are very knowledgeable
and sold a house full of stuff in 2 days. I would highly recommend hiring this company."

--Scott M.

"Kayleen organized the items in our house and garage into neat and attractive stacks of sellable and free merchandise. Her pricing was fair and designed to attract and satisfy a wide range of customers. However, the evening before the estate sale (12 days after the house was listed), we accepted an offer on the house and the buyer expressed a desire for all its contents. As we worked through the stress of negotiations, Kayleen showed professionalism and supported our decision to cancel the sale, posting the cancellation to her website and notifying potential customers via email. She also posted signs at the house and personally apologized to those who showed up in the first hour of the sale. We were able to reimburse Kayleen for her time and expenses through buyer funds and parted ways with no ill feelings and only mutual respect. We sincerely endorse the hiring of Kayleen and her crew for your estate sale needs."

--Kathleen and Tom F.

"We just had Kayleen set up an Estate Sale earlier this month in Seal Rock and she was amazing to work with. We had already packed a ton of boxes to give away, before making a decision to do the sale. She and her staff sorted through all of them, along with a pile of other things we didn't know what to do with, adding them to the other items in the home that were going to be sold. The items that were of high value, that did not sell, she returned to us to sell on our own. She is honest, organized and took the stress off of us on how we were going to sort/sell/give away/move all the things that we were not planning on keeping. I don't know where she gets the energy but it was a real pleasure working with her, and when it was all done, she made sure that there was help available to clean up and have house ready for the new owners. Thank you so much. We wouldn't have been done in time without your help!"

-L. White

"Kayleen (Central Coast Estate Sales) did a garage sale for us recently, and we couldn’t be happier with her service.  We were moving from a large house to a small condo, so we had to do some serious downsizing. 

Here’s how it went: we didn’t want to bring folks inside the house because of the pandemic,  so we moved everything we wanted to sell of into our garage.  We stayed inside while Kayleen worked for several days in the garage, getting everything organized, priced, and nicely displayed. Her publicity for the sale was great, and she let her “regulars” (folks who know how to find good stuff in garage sales) know about our sale. On the day of the sale, she and her crew worked all day, while we stayed inside.  At the end of the day, a cleanup crew came and took all the leftovers and swept up. We emerged from the house to find the garage clean and empty. Kayleen and her crew had done all the work and transformed our unwanted stuff into a big wad of cash, which she presented to us, along with the accounting papers. That was it. 

She was really good about making sure everybody wore a mask and about keeping control of the of traffic in the garage so that people were safely distanced from one another. She  protected our privacy throughout the event.  She also managed to get us a good turnout,

despite people’s fears about the pandemic and the fact that it was pouring down rain.

Kayleen knows how to price things; and, when she’s not sure, she finds out. When we mentioned that we had  a car we wanted to sell, she offered to sell it for us. Within 24 hours, it was sold for more than we were going to ask for it, even after deducting her modest commission.  We asked her about had some jewelry that came from from a friend who had passed. We had no idea if it was worth anything. She took a day of her time, at no cost to us, to go around to various experts to get an unofficial appraisal. It turned out to have real gemstones and to be worth a substantial amount of money. 

There are many additional ways she helped and supported us in our downsizing efforts. She went far and above our expectations, taking the physically and emotionally overwhelming job we faced off our shoulders. She and her crew were professional and respectful at all times.  Kayleen is scrupulously honest and fair and also a very caring person. it was a pleasure to work with her, and I recommend her wholeheartedly."


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